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India Consumer Flash Memory Storage Market

According to 6Wresearch, India Consumer Flash Memory Storage market (Pen Drive, Micro SD and SD cards) shipments registered 27.9 million units during CY 3Q 2014. The market experienced a decline of around 8% over CY 2Q 2014. SanDisk endured its market leadership in all the three segments followed by Samsung and Transcend. In the current quarter, Samsung registered a substantial growth of around 90% and overtook Transcend as compared to the previous quarter



Key features of the report:


1.Total Consumer Flash Memory Storage shipment in India

  1. Market by Consumer Flash Memory Storage Type

    2.1 Micro SD Card

  2.2 SD Card

  2.3 Pen Drive

  1. Market share by various players in various segments and specifications
  2. Shipments by market players
  3. Model wise shipments by each company
  4. Price of each model
  5. Specifications covering

    7.1 Memory Card Market Specification:

          7.1.1 Company

          7.1.2 Model No.

          7.1.3 Reading Speed

          7.1.4 Memory Card Class

          7.1.5 Memory Card Type (SD/Micro SD)

          7.1.6 Memory Size

    7.2 Pen Drive Market Specification:

          7.2.1 Company

          7.2.2 Model No.

          7.2.3 Reading Speed

          7.2.4 Writing Speed

          7.2.5 Interface

          7.2.6 Weight

          7.2.7 Dimension


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