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Egypt Outdoor Lighting Market (2021-2025)

Market Forecast By Types (Steel Lighting Poles/High Mast, By Height (6 Meter, 8 Meter, 9 Meter, 10 Meter, 12 Meter, 20 Meter, 25 Meter, 30 Meter), Street Lighting LED Luminaires, By Wattage (50 Watt, 100 Watt, 150 Watt, 200 Watt, 300 Watt)), By Applications, Existing Cities (Street/Roads, Highways, Stadium, Airport), By Applications, New Development Cities (Street/Roads, Highways, Stadium, Airport), By End Users (Government/Municipal (New Urban Communities Authority, Military Engineering Authority, General Authority For Roads And Bridges And Land Transport, National Authority For Tunnels, Others (Red Sea Ports Authority, Damietta Ports Authority, Petrobel, Petromaint, ENPPI, Egyptian Electrci Holding Company, Etc)), Private (Capital Group Properties, Land Mark Sabbour Development, Marakez Developments, British Petroleum, Madinet Nasr For Housing And Development, Others (New Giza For Real Estate Development, Palm Hills Development And Orascom Tourism Development.)), By Regions (Nile Valley And The Delta, Western Desert, Eastern Desert, Sinai Peninsula) And Competitive Landscape

According to 6Wresearch, Egypt Outdoor Lighting Market size is projected to grow at CAGR of 8.1% during 2021-2025. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the market witnessed a slow growth due to government restrictions, supply chain disruptions and slowdown in production process. However, some developers and contractors continued their work even during the pandemic while taking precautions to ensure safety of workers. Along with this, government initiatives to mitigate the impact of the pandemic like the Ministry of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities distribute EGP 3.8 billion to contractors, helped in continuity of construction activities and hence, the market revenues did not decline during 2020 and it is anticipated to propel demand for market lights outdoor and is expected to assist the market to register significant growth in the forecast period.

Egypt outdoor lighting market is projected to register significant growth on account of growing infrastructural development in terms of construction of new cities like New Administrative Capital, New Alamein, New Aswan, New Mansoura and more. Development of new cities have driven the demand for road infrastructure, and hence outdoor lighting products. Government initiatives to develop airports and railway infrastructure across the country would bode well for the market in the forecast period.

For Latest Press Release : https://www.6wresearch.com/press-release/egypt-outdoor-lighting-market-size-is-projected-to-grow-at-a-cagr-of-81-during-2021-2027

Market Analysis by Applications

By applications in the existing cities, the street/roads segment accounted for the maximum revenue share in 2020

Key Highlights of the Report

  • Egypt Outdoor Lighting Market Overview
  • Egypt Outdoor Lighting Market Trend
  • Egypt Outdoor Lighting Market Outlook
  • Egypt Outdoor Lighting Market Forecast
  • Market Drivers and Restraints
  • Industry Life Cycle
  • Porter’s Five Force Analysis
  • Market Opportunity Assessment
  • Egypt Outdoor Lighting Market Share, By Companies
  • Key Strategic Recommendations
  • Historical Data and Forecast of Egypt Outdoor Lighting Market Revenues for the Period 2017-2027F
  • Historical Market Data and Forecast of Revenues, by Types, for the Period 2017-2027F
  • Historical Market Data and Forecast of Revenues, by Applications, for the Period 2017-2027F
  • Historical Market Data and Forecasts of Revenues, by End User, for the Period 2017-2027F
  • Historical Market Data and Forecasts of Revenues, by Regions, for the Period 2017-2027F

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