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Global Beef Market (2021-2027)


According to 6Wresearch, the Global Beef Market size is anticipated to register growth during 2021-2027. The United States is the largest consumer Market fuelled by high disposable income of the US and growing demand for meat based fast food. Also, the quality of grass fed products here are the best in the world therefore adding further to the demand. Due to the increasing Jewish and Islamic population in the US the demand for kosher and halal meat is likely to go up in upcoming years. It is followed by China and Brazil where tremendous economic growth has driven people to consume premium meat products like Beef. Brazil is the largest exporter of Beef followed by Australia and India. India only exports carabeef due to restrictions placed by the local government. The Gulf countries of the middle east are one of the largest Markets for Brazilian and Australian Beef. In Europe France has the highest cattle population and thus is able to both meet the local demand as well as export the products. The global Market is highly competitive due to the presence of a large number of multinational players. Increasing demand at the regional and global level is helping these players to increase their production capacity. Some of them are also engaged in e-business platforms to expand their distribution channels and footprint in the Market. Multinational companies such as Tyson Foods, Inc.; Danish Crown; Cargill, Incorporated; Marfrig Global Foods S.A.; NH Foods Ltd.; NH Foods Ltd.; St Helen’s Meat Packers; Hormel Foods Corporation; JBS USA; National Beef Packing Company, LLC; Vion Food Group; and Australian Agricultural Company Limited are engaged in the Beef processing business.



Key Highlights of the Report:


  • Global Beef Market Trend Evolution
  • Global Beef Price Trends
  • Global Beef Porter's Five Forces
  • Global Beef Industry Life Cycle
  • Global Beef Market - Key Performance Indicators
  • Global Beef Market - Import Export Trade Statistics
  • Global Beef Market - Opportunity Assessment By Beef Cut
  • Global Beef Market - Top Companies Market Share
  • Global Beef Market - Top Companies Profiles
  • Global Beef Market - Strategic Recommendations

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