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India Super Capacitor Market Tracker, CY 4Q

India Super Capacitor market witnessed an increase in demand in the standalone and batteries combination devices. According to 6Wresearch, India Super Capacitor shipments value reached US$1.07 Million in CY Q4 2013. DB LECTRO captured lion share of the market followed by NESSCAP. According to 6Wresearch, in the Capacitance segment, 1 Farad super capacitors experienced more than 76% market share in CY Q4 2013. Whereas, in the Voltage Rating area, 5.5 Volts captured more than 84% market share.


Key features of the report:

  1. Total Super Capacitor shipment in India
  2. Market share by various players in various segments and specifications
  3. Shipments by market players
  4. Model wise shipments by each company
  5. Price of each model
  6. Specifications covering

    6.1 Application Areas

    6.2 Capacitance

    6.3 Company

    6.4 Model No.

    6.5 Resistance

    6.6 Super Capacitor Type

    6.7 Temperature Range

    6.8 Voltage Rating

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